Forthcoming Gotham City tale The Batman seems to be in a bit of trouble. Could it be due to those meddling miscreants The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler or The Penguin?

Nah (OK, we really have to stop that). First up, director Matt Reeves – they guy who helmed the first Cloverfield, Let Me In and War for the Planet of the Apes (which opens in cinemas later this month) – took over directorial duties from Ben Affleck earlier in the year. That ultimately sounds like a fairly sensible decision though, as the guy has a decent track record.

Now Reeves has announced that he’s binned the script that Affleck co-wrote with Chris Terrio and DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, which featured Deathstroke as the main baddie (with Joe Manganiello cast for the part). Reeves will now also be writing the new script for The Batman, which he has hyped as being a more detective-based, Hitchcockian-styled thriller. Hey, we like Hitchcock, this could be interesting.

Still, with Affleck copping two elbows so far from Reeves, should we expect news of him taking over the lead part of Bruce Wayne/Batman from Benny boy?

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