An Uncharted movie has been mooted since, well, around when Nathan Drake still ventured forth intrepidly onto PlayStation 3 systems back in 2007. We’ve known that it’s been coming for quite a while now, but who could possibly fill Nathan Drake’s boots?

A decade ago that was an easy question to answer – Nathan Fillion (you know, the bloke from Firefly and, later, Castle). Drake was almost a dead ringer for him. But age and all that stuff… Then there was the Mark Wahlberg talk. Nope!

Which brings us to who’s actually been cast as daring world traveller Drake. There certainly aren’t any older age issues, as it’s 20-year-old Tom Holland. He’s also set to swing across our screens soon as the latest rebooted Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Homecoming), having made his debut as the much-loved Marvel character in Captain America: Civil War.

So, it looks more like we’ll have to be getting an Indy Jones-styled ‘Young Nathan Drake’ origin story rather than anything directly related to the game’s timeline (where Drake’s an older, theoretically wiser, world-wearied wise guy). This, of course, opens up a world of possibilities for myriad sequels to follow should the first be successful. Which we’re betting Sony is banking on.

Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4

The movie, simply called Uncharted currently, is in pre-production, with Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team, The Grey) having written an apparently full-on script. That will now be binned (AGH!) for something more age appropriate for Holland. Hey, maybe we’ll see Fillion pop up as Drake’s long lost, unnamed father?

Meanwhile, Shawn Levy (the rather vaguely thematically similar Night at the Museum flicks) will still direct Uncharted. He also helmed four episodes of Stranger Things – hopefully he’ll have that hat on, rather than the one he wore for The Internship.

Yeah, but back to this Tom Holland kid doing Nathan Drake – uh, so to speak. What do you think? #MyNathan or #NotMyNathan?


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