Every time we hear the word “nerd” we think of McBain. But Springfield’s mighty action star has nought to do with a new Revenge of the Nerds movie, although a Family Guy guy does.

Yes, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is behind a new take on the ’80s nerds vs jocks comedy, that will thankfully be given a 21st century update.

According to Variety, the Lucas brothers – identical twins Keith and Kenny – are set to star, as well as co-write. You may remember them from 22 Jump Street, or you may not.

The idea is to delve into geekdom as it is today. We daresay for starters it will include a lot more pop culture merch, and there’ll probably be a convention popped in there somewhere…

Do we need a new Nerds flm? No. Are we keen to see what they come up with? Maybe. Are we being totally, wishy-washily non-committal? You betcha!

Here’s a look back at the 1984 original: