Another trailer for Transformers spinoff Bumblebee has appeared, and it sure likes showing of the titular character’s transforming capabilities!

From Beetle to robot and back again, it’s pretty cool, and the trailer also shows us more of the plot.

*COUGH* The Iron Giant *COUGH*

OK, so this one has an intergalactic war thing happening, but still. The basic story is that Bumblebee hides in a Californian junkyard in 1987. Young Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) discovers Bumblebee – or perhaps we should say Bumblebeetle – all banged up, and gives him a home – not realising that this isn’t your everyday VW bug. Then there’s the whole intergalactic war thing that we mentioned.

What’s also cool about this trailer is how it shows off the classic Transformers look, being set in 1987 and all.

Bumblebee, also starring John Cena, looks to be adding a bit more fun to the Transformers franchise – we’ll find out for sure when it buzzes Australian cinemas from December 20.

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