Su-pa-pa Troo-pa-pa… Yes, the non-tease, full ench… erm, baguette trailer for Super Troopers 2 is now with us – and it only took 17 years!

So, what’s it all aboot? Well, when the US and Canada get all-in with a border dispute, the Super Troopers are called in to set up a Highway Patrol station in the disputed area. Prepare yourselves for a whole bunch of Mountie gags and French-bashing gobbledygook.

The sequel actually came aboot – sorry, about – after Broken Lizard, the comedy team behind the first flick, launched a 2015 Indiegogo campaign to raise US$2 million to make the film. It shot past the target in just 24 hours, so that’s a lot of Super Trooper lovin’ right there.

As well as the usual Super crew, the mocie also stars Rob Lowe, Brian Cox and Wonder Woman herself (who isn’t Gal Gadot), Lynda Carter.

Anyway, here’s the naughty trailer – so, at this juncture we must advise of a LANGUAGE WARNING

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