Hardcore DC fans may be divided as to he value of Teen Titans Go!, but we love it – and everything we’ve seen so far of the forthcoming movie isn’t changing our minds.

Above you will – quite obviously, we guess with that little “play” triangle and stuff – find the latest trailer for the animated movie mayhem of the least super superheroes in the DC universe.

Now, bonus time! If you were one of the lucky readers to have actually clicked through to here for the reading, rather than just watching the trailer and moving on, you get five bonuses! Woo!

Just down below a bit is the latest set of posters for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, and they’re not afraid to lay on the smartypants sarcasm even in the faces of – well, the backs of – some of DC’s finest.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is being let loose in Aussie cinemas on July 26.

Teen Titans Go! Robin

Teen Titans Go! Raven

Teen Titans Go! Cyborg

Teen Titans Go! Beast Boy

Teen Titans Go! StarFire

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