Back in the 1990’s Tim Burton was to direct a Superman flick that was set to star the one and only Nic Cage as the Man of Steel. Yes, really. It was humanity’s loss when it didn’t happen.

Poor Superman super-fan Nic’s dreams of playing Supes were shattered when Superman Lives died, but now, only 20 or so years later, his dreams are set to come true. Sort of.

Mr Cage is set to give voice to Superman in the upcoming Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, according to USA Today.

He’s not the only cameo voice announced, either. Singer/songwriter Halsey will lend her pipes to Wonder Woman, while rapper Lil Yachty will take on the role of Green Lantern.

We can imagine that Cage is rather excited about all this. After all, this is the dude who gave his 2005-born son Superman’s birthname, Kal-El. Poor kid – although we reckon having Cage as a dad would make for fun times.

Here’s a Supes-free glimpse at the glorious silliness of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, which is due to land in Australian cinemas on July 26.

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