Nic Cage is a unique dude, with much of the love for him based on his ability to go off tap in the most entertaining of ways. Appropriately, horror/comedy Mom and Dad taps into this.

The premise is simple, in that when parents say that they’ve had it up to here (insert appropriate hand gesture) with their children misbehaving, they mean it m-a-a-a-n. As such they start turning on their progeny and, well, killing them.

Cage and Selma Blair play the parents of a son and daughter who have to do everything they can to survive 24 hours of this crazed parental mania.

It sounds – and looks – just up Cage’s psycho alley, and having been written and directed by Brian Taylor, who co-wrote and co-directed the two Crank movies, we’re looking forward to watching Nic chew up the scenery in his inimitable way.

We also look forward to sharing an Australian release date with you once those slack/lucky movie promo people get back from their extended end-of-year holidays. In the interim, please enjoy this…

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