A trailer for the latest action thriller from Mr Nicolas Cage has dropped, and Mandy looks like it’ll deliver a bunch of weirdness – and chainsaws!

From director Panos Cosmatos, who previously gave us 2010’s Beyond the Black Rainbow, Mandy is set in 1983 (the same year that gave us Cage’s like totally gnarly Valley Girl, y’ know?)

Cage plays a bloke named Red, who lives in a cabin in the woods with his arty girlfriend, the titular Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). All’s fine until she catches the eye of a loony cult leader (as distinct from a sane one), and she’s subsequently kidnapped by a gang of supernatural biker-demons. It’s up to Red to go all Ashy-Slashy on just about every being in his sight to rescue Mandy from the clutches of e-vil.

On paper – or computer/mobile screen in this case, we guess – the Sundance darling that currently has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes sounds rather silly, but the trailer really makes it look like a wild ride. Plus, dig the Nic-Cage-has-gone-completely-mad shots!

Could this be the great new Nicolas Cage flick that so many of us have been craving?

Mandy is due out overseas in September, as we await confirmation of an Australian date.

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