How can you not love Nicolas Cage? He always really means it (man), and this looks set to continue in the upcoming Primal.

Cage plays a big game hunter who finds exotic animals for zoos. He’s accompanying his latest haul – including a rare white Jaguar – back to the States on a freight ship, along with a deadly assassin (as distinct from a non-deadly one?) who escapes and lets loose all the animals on the ship – including serpentine ones. Yep, it’s Snakes on a Ship! Come on Nic, it’s clean-up time…

Also starring Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand and Michael Imperioli, this one looks to tick all sorts of Nicolas Cage drinking game boxes, including ace quotes, such as “You kill my cat, I’ll blow your head off.”

Primal is set for a limited theatrical run and VoD in the US in November, so we’re guessing that it may just hit video directly here.

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