If any actor was ever going to play themselves in a fictionalised account of their life, it would have to be Nicolas Cage.

Sure, some others have had a bit of a stab at it in various film parts, but none of them are Mr Cage.

It may sound like an April Fools Day gag, but THR are reporting that Cage is likely set to star as himself in a film entitled The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

Yes, Cage would star as Nicolas Cage, who’s cash-strapped and desperate to land a role in a new Tarantino movie. He’ll also navigate a strained relationship with his teenage daughter and sometimes talk to an ego-led ’90s version of himself, one who hassles him for letting his star fall into B-movie territory.

Add a CIA subplot involving a Mexican drug lord and – come on, do we need to say any more?!

The whole thing sounds like meta nirvana, and if it doesn’t end up happening we’ll feel totally gypped.

It’s been penned by Tom Gormican, who doesn’t have much to his CV beyond the comedy series Ghosted. Apparently originally meant as just a sample script, it was shown to Cage with a letter explaining that it was a tribute, not a piss-take. Perhaps luckily for Tom, Cage took it in the manner that it was intended.

We can’t wait for more news on this one.