Nicole Kidman is garnering serious Oscar buzz for her role in crime drama Destroyer.

Reminiscent of television breakthrough True Detective, Destroyer looks to put the “grit” into “gritty” – and the “gritty” into “our Nic”.

Kidman plays LAPD detective Erin Bell, who 16 years previously went undercover to infiltrate a gang led by a terrifying bloke named Silas. When one of their heists went sideways, Erin’s cover was blown and Silas escaped. Several years later, however, he shows up again, badder and more dangerous than ever, and he’s planning the mother of all bank heists. Can Erin stop him this time?

Destroyer comes from Girlfight director Karyn Kusama, and also stars Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany, as well as Sebastian Stan, Toby Kebbell, Scoot McNairy and Bradley Whitford.

We don’t have a confirmed Australian date as yet, however Destroyer opens in the US in late December.

Take a look at the trailer:

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