Now this just isn’t right. When you think of Magnum you either think of a red Ferrari or his voluptuous soup strainer, yeah? Well, not now.

The first promo shot for the rebooted Magnum P.I. pilot shows new Thomas Magnum Jay Hernandez mo-less. Designer stubble just doesn’t cut it guys, you’re not doing Miami Vice here!

Maybe they should halt production until Movember and pressure him into conforming? The next thing we know they’ll be announcing that there’s no Higgins!

Actually, there is a Higgins – Juliet Higgins, played by Perdita Weeks (Ready Player One). We’d like to think that she may be a niece or similar of John Hillerman’s original character, but if this is a reboot then probably not. She’s apparently ex-MI6, and joins Zachary Knighton (Happy Endings) as Rick Wright, and Stephen Hill (Law & Order: SVU) as Theodore ‘T.C.’ Calvin.

Magnum‘s resurrection is being seen to by the same pair behind the returns of Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver, Peter Menkov and Eric Guggenheim. Thomas Magnum is now a Navy SEAL returning from Afghanistan and getting into the whole private dick thing, using his wartime skills in order to make ends meet.

The CBS network has given this new Magnum P.I. a green light for a series, so unless Hernandez gets the yeah-yeah happening on his top lip we’re just going to have to try to adjust to a clean-shaven Magnum, we guess.

First world problems.