Forthcoming funny-fest Father Figures sees fraternal twins Owen Wilson and Ed Helms copping a bombshell from their mother – their dad wasn’t their dad.

It turns out that Kyle and Peter Reynolds’ ‘mom’ – Glenn Close – was quite into free love in her day and had lied that their dad had died when they were young. So, the guys do the only sensible thing that two blokes starring in a comedy flick could do – embark upon a road trip to find their actual father.

Father Figures is the directorial debut for Lawrence Sher, who’s no stranger to such comedies with his gig as director of photography on all three The Hangover flicks.

Perhaps wisely having its titled changed from Bastards, Father Figures also stars J.K. Simmons, Ving Rhames, Harry Shearer, Katt Williams, ex-NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw and the inimitable Christopher Walken.

Will anybody take bets that a certain George Michael song will pop up somewhere?

Father Figures is due in Aussie cinemas on February 8, 2018. Here’s a trailer…

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