You’d think it’s the sequel nobody asked for but, apparently, some did. In a post on his official Facebook page, ’90s comedy icon Pauly Shore has dropped (or rather teased) news of an upcoming sequel to his 1996 box office flop Bio-Dome

With the reveal of a poster to accompany his news, Shore wrote: “Hello world. It seems all your love requesting #biodome2 seriously could be actually happening. It looks like Bud and Doyle could be going to Mars. Are you as excited as me and Stephen are? Tell Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to grab some popcorn and some soda and we’ll see them at the premiere sometime in 2023. Boom. We’re off. Purple sticky punge dooooodzz”

Once rumoured to be an abandoned Bill & Ted sequel, the original Bio-Dome is a slacker comedy about two doofuses who accidentally lock themselves inside a giant ecological bubble intended to play home to several scientists for the course of a year. With the experimental environment hermetically sealed for 12 months, the crew of experts – including Australian pop princess, Kylie Minogue – must endure the buffoonery of the two idiots.

Widely considered to be a ‘bad movie’, Bio-Dome has gone on to earn itself a cult following, which has evidently fostered a demand for more. In his post, Shore also tagged Amazon and MGM studios, suggesting that the project has already found its home.

Exactly how credible the news is remains to be seen. But given that it’s not April 1, and the announcement has come from Shore’s official account, there’s every chance that we will indeed be getting a Bio-Dome 2. We will keep you posted.

Here’s the trailer for the original movie, to refresh your memory.