While X-philes still bicker over the merits of The X-Files‘ tenth season, we’ve known for a while that an eleventh is on its way – as it should be after THAT cliffhanger!

Now we have a couple of still images from the new 10-episode series, plus some inside goss from creator Chris Carter, courtesy of EW.

The X-Files

OK, so what’s going on here then? Shouldn’t it be Mulder in the bed and Scully in the worried pose? Spooky… Says Carter, “Obviously something unexpected has happened.” Yeah, thanks for that, Captain Obvious.

The X-Files

Hey, we’d know that silhouette anywhere – it’s the ‘Cigarette Smoking Man’. Oh, and what’s that funny shaped being in centre of shot? This still is from the first new episode, which gives us more of a look into the backstory of William B. Davis’ lung cancer candidate.

In other interesting info drops from Carter, those wanting Mulder and Scully to get closer again “have something to look forward to.” This may involve their son William, who will apparently “come to the fore” in this series. Also, Assistant Director Skinner may not be who he seems even after all this time, as “familiar alliances are rattled.”

The X-Files season 11 is due in 2018, complete with a mixture of “monster of the week” episodes and a continuation of the ongoing, overarching story of Mulder and Scully – and that elusive truth.

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