Disney have been thinking about rebooting their mega-successful Pirates of the Caribbean series, and now they have the creator of Chernobyl aboard.

Uh, that’s the creator of the limited television series, not the horrendous nuclear meltdown in the 1980s.

Anyway, Craig Mazin, whose Chernobyl series garnered a whopping ten Emmys, is set to team with veteran PotC writer Ted Elliott, according to THR.

So, why the reboot? Well, the last instalment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, wasn’t the treasure chest that was expected, and then there’s all the Johnny Depp stuff.

Let’s face it, pirates are part of that rarified group of super popular characters that also includes spacemen, cowboys, zombies, ninjas and aliens, so as long as they come up with something half decent and fun then we’re sure to see many more Pirates of the Caribbean movies setting sail in the future.

While we wait, here’s the Auckland Symphony Orchestra letting loose on some PotC soundtrack selections:

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