Word was that Pitch Perfect 3 was the last hurrah for acapella-dropping pitches the Bellas. The word just may have been wrong.

In fact, wronger than the wrongest of wrongy things, if the blatant hints in an Instagram post from Rebel Wilson – AKA Fat Amy – are anything to go by.

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Four cast members – Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit. Four fingers held up by each. Four love hearts. That’s a whole lot of four going on right there.

While the Pitch Perfect flicks aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, for many they’re great escapism and full of a whole bunch of sisterly fun – and some incredible harmonising.

Vocal warm-up time… La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Right, let’s do it – we can’t wait to hear more, about Pitch Perfect 4!