Old school fans of The Simpsons will recall Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, the lame game that Bart was given instead of Bonestorm. Now, we can play it too!

Yes, all the thrills of slamming a ball into a parking lot can be yours, thanks to a faithful reproduction from a guy named Aaron Demeter. Check it out here.

This is one of many parody video games to have popped up in The Simpsons over the years, from the season seven episode Marge Be Not Proud. It’s the one where the classic ‘Thrillhouse” sequence happened, amongst lots of other cool stuff becuase the show was really, rteally ridiculously good back then.

Time for a challenge… who’s going to give us Grand Theft Walrus?

Here’s the original scene fr0m the show:

The Simpsons at JB Hi-Fi.