It seems that the Crown Estate, who oversee land owned by the Queen of England, aren’t Star Wars fans. But they do have a fondness for Pooh.

While the makers of A.A. Milne biopic Goodbye Christopher Robin were given permission to use 1/50th of the 5,000 acre Great Windsor Park in Berkshire as the Hundred Acre Wood, a request to film there from the producers of Star Wars was given short shrift.

The BBC reports that an estate spokesman curtly dismissed them – “Our head isn’t turned by star names or star films.”


Meanwhile, in other Pooh news, many a mind has been blown with the recent revelation that Winnie the Pooh is female. When you think about it, the name was kind of a giveaway…

She was originally an ex-pat Canadian black bear at the London Zoo named Winnipeg – or, of course, ‘Winnie’ for short. Don’t believe us? Check out the kids picture book Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear.

Goodbye Christopher Robin opens in Australian cinemas on November 23.

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