Classic ’70s/’80s TV series Fantasy Island where, as the name suggests, fantasies came true (for a price), is set to return in movie form. Really.

Rights to the much-loved, much-parodied series that starred a spiffy-suited Ricardo Montalban and Hervé “De plane! De plane!” Villechaize have been nabbed by Blumhouse, the production house behind the likes of The Purge, Get Out and Truth or Dare. According to Deadline, the director of the last one there, Jeff Wadlow, will be leading this one. He’ll also be reuniting for co-writing with that movie’s Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs (not she of Community, whose name starts with a ‘G’).

You might think it’s an odd choice for Blumhouse to take on, considering their penchant for the more horrorific and supernatural. But those who remember Fantasy Island beyond the cheese will recall that it touched upon such themes quite regularly. In fact Montalban, who even confronted the devil in the show, believed that the island might actually be Purgatory.

Hmm, so that’s where JJ Abrams got the idea for Lost from?

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