The LEGO Movie proved that films based on toys can really work, and a few have come since, while plenty more are in the works. Now we can add Hot Wheels to that list.

Yes, the iconic brand of toy cars that isn’t Matchbox (Hot Wheels overlords Mattel in fact bought the originally British little car maker out back in 1997) is getting its own movie, which, we guess, will feature cars.

While the Fast franchise has the genre pretty well covered, it isn’t always – if ever – the most kid-friendly, so we’re guessing that this one will tick that box.

Almost everything about it is guessing, really, because the existence of the thing has only just been announced, with the fact that JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot being set to produce one of the only nailed-down snippets of info. No details on casting or director have been divulged, and the only hint at story is the very loose description that it’ll be a “high-throttle action film, which will showcase some of the world’s hottest and sleekest cars, monster trucks and motorcycles.”

It could be fun, and there have been some insanely wild, screen-friendly Hot Wheels models over the years, sitting beside more everyday cars. But if it doesn’t feature orange roads then we’re going home!

While we wait, you may wish to check out the cool Hot Wheels Unleashed game. Our review is here.

Hot Wheels Unleashed at JB Hi-Fi.