Frank & Penelope is an upcoming romantic crime meets horror flick that appears to be a collision of all sorts of themes into one creepy concoction.

Take a bit of Bonnie & Clyde, mix in some Psycho, add a bunch of Red State, Wolf Creek, The Hills Have Eyes and more and you’d likely end up with something like this.

Here’s the drill: “Leaving their broken lives in the rearview mirror, Frank and Penelope head West with no destination in mind but each other. But a chance meeting leads them to the ‘Table of Truth’ with a seductive, charismatic cult leader who has a penchant for travelers’ darkest secrets – and his own ideas on sins of the flesh. Two soulmates who had nothing to for live now find themselves in a bloody battle for life and love in a world where everything is worth dying for.

Geez, Kevin Dillon’s cop done did warn them not to hang about, so what do they do? These kids today – sheesh!

As well as Dillon, the likes of Caylee Cowan, Billy Budinich, Donna D’Errico, Jonathon Schaech and horror legend Lin Shaye star, while young Indiana Jones himself, Sean Patrick Flanery, co-stars, co-writes and also directs.

Frank & Penelope is slated for a June cinema release: Here’s the trailer: