The Star Wars universe has expanded, to include Volkswagen’s new electric take on their hippie classic Kombi van, the ID Buzz.

That’s supposed to be “ID. Buzz” according to VW’s marketing droids, but we believe that some semblance of correct punkchooayshun should be upheld…!*$.;;:/}’;’;)@.

Anyway, a new ad for the vehicle sees R2-D2 smitten with it, and hey, it must be friend not foe because it has a smile at the front, right?

The ad serves as a precursor to the upcoming new six-episode Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and does also feature its star Ewan McGregor, who happens to be driving the Buzz, and C-3PO. It’s also very fun – here, see for yourself!

Star Wars at JB Hi-Fi.