A new sneak preview has hit for Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (mercifully the title’s been streamlined), and it brings us two ace new things.

The first? A look at Gal Gadot’s character, Shank (above, right). She’s a competitor in the online game Slaughter Race, which is rather true to its title in that its a Death Race-styled race to the, well, death. Luckily it appears that Vanellope hasn’t lost her edge when it comes to mad driving skills.

If that’s not cool enough, we also get to see several of the Disney princesses in their casual gear, while Vanellope has a slight problem understanding what Brave‘s Merida is going on about. Apparently it’s because she’s from “the other studio”. Accent shaming – disgraceful!

Ralph Breaks the Internet is set for an Australian relase on December 26 – and we can’t wait. Does anybody want to fly us to the US so that we can see it when it releases there more than a month earlier? Aww, go on!

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