Umbrella Entertainment has announced it will be re-releasing Dario Argento’s horror masterpiece Suspiria and Aussie monster movie Razorback on Blu-ray, featuring new remastered 4K transfers and bonus features.

Characterised by its lavish production design, stylised violence and sinister omnipresent score by Goblin, Argento’s film is the terrifying story of an American student (Jessica Harper) who discovers that her new German ballet school is actually a front for a witches coven.

Re-released to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary, the Suspiria transfer is from the Italian 4K remaster and the new Blu-ray edition will also feature the 1985 documentary Dario Argento’s World of Horror. Additional extras are still to be confirmed. One of the most stylish horror movies ever made, Suspiria was one of the last films to be processed in Technicolor and will benefit enormously from a 4K scan.

Fans of homegrown horror will be going hog wild over the return of Razorback on Blu-ray, which also features a new 4K scan and restoration. Respect! Unfortunately, the gorier scenes included in the version released by Roadshow back in the VHS days cannot be reinstated for this release as the original 35mm film elements have been lost. However, Umbrella plan to include a standard definition ‘VHS Cut’ as a bonus feature.

Both Suspiria and Razorback are tentatively scheduled for release on November 1, and it must be noted that these are not 4K UHD editions, but rather 4K scans presented in 1080p. Rest assured, you will notice a huge upgrade in quality when compared with the previous transfers.