Just when you thought that the Resident Evil movie franchise had wound up – the last instalment was Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, after all – news comes that there will be more.

The survival horror videogame-inspired tales of a zombie apocalypse are set for the reboot treatment, with another six (!) movies planned. It isn’t a huge surprise, for despite most critics turning their noses up at the franchise it’s pulled in megabucks. Some US$1.2 billion megabucks. Whoa!

While that last movie left a few story bits dangling that could be picked up upon, 15 years have passed since the first Resident Evil hit our screens. Would Milla Jovovich return? Is it time for a new imagining of Capcom’s world?

We’re not sure, but Aussie horror maestro James Wan (Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring) has been given production duties for the first of the new flicks, which is as yet untitled. Greg Russo, who’s written the latest Mortal Kombat movie script for Wan, has been tasked with getting a story happening. We sure hope he digs videogames…

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