Yesterday is an upcoming flick from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis that sees The Beatles erased from history for everybody, except one struggling songwriter.

A world with no songs by The Beatles would be a frightening premise for some, especially when it brings up a situation where some git suggests that Hey Jude should in fact be “Hey Dude”…

That git is Ed Sheeran, and he seems to be having fun in the clips that we’ve seen so far of Yesterday. He and Curtis talk a bit about the flick in the featurette below, and in particular Sheeran’s involvement.

But the real story is about Jack (Himesh Patel), the aforementioned struggling songwriter. He inadvertently becomes huge upon being the one to introduce Beatles classics anew to the world. But would they be classics if we heard them with fresh ears? According to Yesterday, yes.

Yesterday, also starring Lily James and Kate McKinnon, opens in Australian cinemas on June 27.

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