Wrong Turn, an intense reboot of the 2003 backwoods horror flick, has proven a hit with Australian cinema-goers.

The reboot, which is also the seventh film in the long-running franchise, enjoyed the biggest opening for a horror film in Australia since The Invisible Man, grossing over $600,000 at the box office since its nationwide release on February 4.

“It’s fantastic to see audiences flocking to cinemas to see Wrong Turn, for what is truly an incredible cinema experience,” said Rialto Distribution’s Kevin Gordon of the result. “We are hoping to see box office break the $1M box office mark in week two, and if audiences continue to respond as they already have, the film may go on to earn significantly more in the coming weeks.”

Wrong Turn tells the story of a group of friends determined to hike the Appalachian Trail. Ignoring the warnings from locals not to venture into the mountains, they soon find themselves lost and dodging lethal booby traps before being captured by a strange, hidden community.

With the film also playing at several drive-ins (the best place to see it, we reckon), it’s great to see hillbilly horror back on the big screen.

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