Ever since we found out that 1986 video game Rampage was being turned into a Dwayne Johnson-starring movie, we’ve wondered one thing: Plot, what plot?

The game involved three giant creatures – an ape named George, Ralph the werewolf and Lizzie the Godzilla-type thing – who were all formerly human. They get rather annoyed at being embiggened like this, so take it out on cities by bashing the pulp out of buildings, smashing (and eating) helicopters and generally causing army-requiring mayhem.

Super-cool as a video game synopsis, but a movie?

With The Rock on the case along with the director of San Andreas, Brad Peyton, we were quietly confident, and while hardly Shakespearean, it looks like enough of a plot to carry a big dumb action flick has been concocted for Rampage.

Mr The Rock is some sort of zoo guy who has a special bond with George before his life-changing size adjustment, which is possibly due to inadvertent alien intervention. Then there’s the 30-foot wolf, and…

We’ll reserve final judgement until we see it, of course, but from this just-released trailer Rampage looks like it could be a whole lot of big dumb fun.

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