Rose Byrne is set to take on a role that’s a bit different for her, voicing a robot in upcoming Australian sci-fi thriller I Am Mother.

Sounding a bit like it’ll be a cross between HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey and GLaDOS from the Portal games, but in a Futurama Mom kind of package, Byrne will star alongside Hilary Swank and Clara Rugaard. Byrne’s robot, Mother, has been designed by Peter Jackson’s WETA Workshop.

The tale will mark the feature directorial review of Grant Sputore, with the screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green, according to Deadline.

As for the story, it’s set to follow lonely teenage girl Daughter (Rugaard), who’s the first human to be raised by Mother. It’s an apparently nice robot that’s been engineered to (somehow) repopulate Earth after mankind went the extinction route. But when a surviving human (Swank) rocks up, much is called into question.

“I’m so excited to be part of Grant’s unique, eerie, unnerving and visionary science fiction piece,” says Byrne of the role. “He’s such an exciting talent to come out of Australia and I am so flattered to be on board with such an incredible artist.”

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