Take one Deadpool actor, add a bit of Unikitty, grab something from Annie and have them appear on a Korean pop show. What do you get? Ryan Reynolds dressed as a unicorn singing ‘Tomorrow’ on King of Masked Singer.


In Seoul to promote some movie about a dude in red rubber, Reynolds sent the crowd apespitcrazybonkers upon his reveal at the end. Seriously apespitcrazybonkers.

King of Masked Singer gets all sorts of K-Pop and such singers on to prove their vocal mettle without anybody knowing who they actually are until the big post-song unveiling. They usually don’t get the likes of Reynolds though.

Check out his fairly impressive performance just below, then go further down for the unveiling and a whole bunch of excitement!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know – Deadpool 2 heads into Australian cinemas on May 16.

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