He penned Independence Day, Stargate, Universal Soldier and Geostorm, now Dean Devlin is set to get all sci-fi actiontastic with a new series, entitled The Ark.

The series is being made for SyFy, and is set to occur 100 years in the future. Which implies that, in this fiction at least, we don’t entirely mess up the world before then. Oh, hang, on we just kept reading…

The story will revolve around the surviving crew of a spacecraft called the Ark One, after it’s taken a critical hit and is sent spiralling into unknown space. It’s one of several ships that is out searching for planets to colonise, as the human race borders on extinction. And we were so confident there for a minute!

There’s no word on who’ll star as yet, but we’re sure that we’ll find out soon as production is set to kick off this March.

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