There’s a lot more happening at Comic-Con besides panels, autographs and merchandise. Off-site attractions that don’t require a badge are drawing huge crowds, particularly those offering VR experiences to promote the big movies and TV shows.

Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit

A collaboration between Oculus VR and Alcon Interactive Group, we checked this out last night and it’s a belter – a multi-perspective experience that puts you in the seat of a spinner car for a pursuit above future Los Angeles. You zoom, duck and weave through a hologram-saturated skyscape (with more product placement than a supermarket), before colliding with a renegade spinner piloted by a replicant and hitting the ground hard. An articulated D-box seat adds to the illusion. The experience can induce nausea, so we’re glad we ate afterwards.

IT – Float

Like one of those signature red balloons, you’ll float too when you ride the Derry school bus in this VR experience designed to promote the upcoming Stephen King film. You might even scream. Keep a watchful eye out for evil clown Pennywise – coulrophobics need not apply.



This immersive MR (Mixed Reality) experience also utilizes live actors and allows you to see through the eyes of lead mutant David Haller and interact in his world. You’ll experience key moments from Season 1 of the X-Men spin-off, as well as a sneak preview of Season 2. Become one of the Legion!


Well, virtually anyway. ICONS: Face to Face is a new VR project from Legion M, which allows users to conduct virtual interviews with industry luminaries including the Marvel great. The technology will be unveiled at the Stan Lee & Friends: A Celebrity Tribute panel on Friday, July 21.