The Vikings never did anything by halves – and that includes the Comic-Con panel for the History Channel series, which culminated with a full Viking funeral in San Diego’s Embarcadero Marina Park South to honour the show’s fallen characters.

The bodycount was huge over the course of Vikings‘ fourth season, with a number of major characters risen to Valhalla. But those who did show up to the Comic-Con panel included Gustaf SkarsgårdKatheryn WinnickAlexander Ludwig and Alex Høgh Andersen, along with a certain Aussie star who made a surprise appearance in a kangaroo costume. Fair dinkum!

Prior to the evening’s panel, proceedings kicked off with a funeral procession through the Gaslamp Quarter and the distribution of temporary tattoos of the show’s logo.

Høgh Andersen revealed how he prepared to play Ivar, the crippled son of Ragnar Lothbrok – he spent three weeks crawling around the floor of a hotel room.

Ivar will have a prominent role in Season 5, with a battle between brothers and civil war looming as he attempts to crown himself king of Kattegat. But reigning Queen Lagertha isn’t giving it up without a fight…

Check out all the bloody action in the first trailer for the new season, but DO NOT watch if you haven’t seen Season 4 – there be major spoilers ahead.

Vikings returns at the end of November. Catch up with Seasons 1-4 from JB Hi-Fi in the meantime.