STACK spoke with genre legend Dee Wallace about returning to the creature feature franchise after 33 years for reboot Critters Attack!

Critters, the 1986 creature feature about an invasion of toothy alien furballs, was an obvious reflex response to the success of Gremlins. But it was also a load of good fun and went on to spawn three sequels (one of which stars a rookie Leonardo DiCaprio) and a loyal cult following.

Made with independent spirit, a sense of humour and some memorable monsters, Critters also starred Dee Wallace, whose distinguished list of genre credits include E.T., Cujo, The Howling and The Hills Have Eyes. And she’s excited to be back for the reboot, Critters Attack!

“I thought it would be fun to revisit it,” she tells STACK. “I read the script and it was a really new take on it, and I got to be a real badass bounty hunter in it. It felt right. And when I found out we were filming in Cape Town, South Africa, I was really in.”

Shooting Critters Attack! was not unlike the experience of making the original film, she says. “We were working with puppets again, we didn’t use CGI. They just had a lot more of them ready to go because they knew what we were getting into this time. We have a few of the original puppets that are in the big ball, but technically it wasn’t much different.”

Wallace says that while she was surprised to hear that the franchise was being revived, it is the era for reboots and remakes, after all. “I’m out on the convention circuit a lot and the fans really love Critters, so there’s going to be a lot of support for this film.”

And on the topic of remakes, It director Andy Muschietti let it drop at Comic-Con that that he’d like to remake The Howling, and STACK suggests that Wallace give him a call.

“No thank you,” she replies. “I think we did it right the first time.” No argument here.

Critters Attack! is out on DVD & Blu-ray on July 24.

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