Total genius Stephen Hawking made several pop cultural sorties in his time, however The Simpsons was his first. The show has paid tribute to the great man after his death last week.

Hawking first appeared in the 1999 season 10 episode They Saved Lisa’s Brain, and went on to pop up two more times. Now he’s made a fourth appearance of sorts, with a simple but moving tribute at the end of the new episode that just aired Sunday night in the US. Entitled Homer Is Where the Art Isn’t, it featured Bill Hader as a 1970s detective brought in to solve a case involving an art theft and the accused thief – one Homer J. Simpson.

Here’s the tribute that featured in the episode, as posted to Twitter by The Simpsons writer and producer Matt Selman.


Meanwhile, this was also the final episode that was penned by the late Kevin Curran.

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking and Kevin Curran.