He may now be in his 70s, but Stallone ain’t gonna dang well let no number dictate how busy he is, with two more new movies added to his to-do list.

While sequels Creed II, Rambo 5, Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station and The Expendables 4 are all on their way, these two are set to possibly ignite new franchises for the Rocky legend.

First up is Samaritan, which Deadline reports is set to be “a dark, fresh take on the superhero genre”. It’s been penned by the guy behind 2011’s Nic Cage-starring Season of the Witch, Bragi Schut.

The second new Stallone vehicle will be Hunter. An adaptation of the novel by James Byron Huggins about the tracking down of a human-beast mutant hybrid, apparently Sly was eyeing it off at one point to become a Rambo story.

Meanwhile, we’ll next see Stallone in Creed II, which is set to hit Aussie cinemas on November 29.

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