Smallfoot – the final trailer

Here’s the apparent “final” trailer for Smallfoot, a new animated flick that stars Channing Tatum as a yeti – or at least he gives voice to one.

It also features an impressive group of other voices, from the likes of Danny DeVito, Zendaya, Common, Lebron James, Gina Rodriguez, Jimmy Tatro and James Corden.

Story-wise, it takes the Bigfoot legend and flips it about, telling the tale of the mythical “smallfoot” from the side of the yetis. Yep, “smallfoot” is… humankind! Tatum’s character Migo is a smart sasquatch as, despite being surrounded by skeptics, he believes that humans are real.

Smallfoot has crept forward in the schedule by one week, and will now stomp into Australian cinemas on September 20.