If you’re of a certain vintage, 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit was inescapable big dumb fun involving a slick cowboy driver and his total lack of respect for the law, dagnabbit! Now, its time has come again.

Smokey (the local constabulary) and the Bandit (the moustachioed driver) are set to light up out TV screens in a series that’s being put together by producers David Gordon Green (the recent Halloween), Danny McBride and Seth MacFarlane (you know, the Family Guy guy).

They’re promising that the series will deliver us unto “the crossroads where humble realities meet those larger-than-life, all in a blast of tailpipe exhaust.” Umm, OK. With any luck that’s a fancy way of saying that there’ll be heaps of cool car chases, just like in the movies.

The original two of three movies starred Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason and Jerry Reed. As it’s now 43 years since the first one, it’s fair to say that a new cast will be sought. But who would suit the sassy Bandit role? We guess we’ll find out when more details emerge.

In case you’ve never been acquainted, or if you wish to relive the odd memory, here’s a look back at the original:

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