The trailer for the movie take on SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog dropped earlier this week, and caused fans of the speedy blue blur to recoil in horror.

What was this abomination? Why had it apparently been subjected to a medieval torture device to stretch it? Why did it have human teeth? Why did it look like a blue Grinch, but uglier? Why, just why?

Breathe, fans, for relief is at hand.

In a repectable move which is likely going to cause many animators mucho crunch hours to reach its overseas release date of November (#gottafixfast), the film’s director Jeff Fowler has taken to Twitter promising changes.

It strikes us as a bizarre stylistic choice in the first place to have changed such an iconic character to be barely recognisable. Especially when they could have had Sonic appear as he does normally – hey, it worked in the (admittedly fully-animated) Wreck-It Ralph flicks.

Anyway, hopefully the movie version of Sonic will become less nightmare-inducing. Well, here’s hoping…


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