The Monty Python crew, pretty much the most influential bunch of comedy folk ever as far as we’re concerned, have just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The South Park guys didn’t miss it. Yes they did. No they didn’t! Oh, this is futile…

No it isn’t!

Anyway, Matt and Trey prepared this fab little tribute to Python’s legendary ‘Parrot Sketch’, which featured John Cleese and Michael Palin:

Speaking of anniversaries, South Park‘s 300th episode airs this week in the US, and as usual they’re causing controversy. The last episode to air, Band in China, saw the return of legendary (?) boy band Fingerbang – and, surprise, has really got them banned in China.

Yes, the show has basically been erased from online existence in China. Somehow, we suspect that this “apology” from Messrs Parker and Stone may not necessarily smooth the waters much:

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