If you thought that Sly Stallone had hung up John Rambo’s ammo belt after 2008’s Rambo then you’d be wrong, as he’s apparently working on a fifth franchise entry.

Sly is busy writing the tale that will see his legendary Vietnam vet cross the US/Mexico border to rescue a friend’s daughter, according to Deadline. Once there he’ll incur the deadly wrath of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels – but we reckon that they likely won’t know what’s hit them.

While Stallone beavers away at his laptop, his peeps are reportedly shopping the flick at Cannes. All going well it’s expected to get shooting in September this year.

There’s no confirmed title as yet, although Stallone did tweet back in 2015 that the on again/off again fifth instalment would be called Last Blood.

Have some Rambo theme music from Jerry Goldsmith to get your blood pumping…

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