The fourth in a series that many would never have predicted would become one (but we’re sure glad that it did), The First Purge is set to do the origin story thing.

If you’re not up to speed with what The Purge is all about, this movie will probably be the perfect place to start.

Basically, ‘The Purge’ is an annual 12-hour period where anything goes crime-wise. Want to nick that telly that you can’t afford? Go for it! Want to murder that neighbour who complains when you play that new telly really, really loud? Sure, just try not to mess up your sneakers while you do it.

Alarmingly, the world is probably now closer to such a thing being a reality than it was when the original flick hit. We reckon that all of The Purge movies should be required watching in Washington.

Anyway, the featurette below gives more insight into this latest series entry from the Blumhouse folk, one that we are unashamedly really looking forward to.

Prepare for The First Purge (or ‘Purnge’, according to the trailer voiceover guy) in Aussie cinemas on August 2.

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