Every year the classics reappear, and a bunch of mostly inferior new additions to the Christmas movie canon stumble about hoping to grab the odd place in somebody’s heart. But what if a bunch of kids pitched a seasonal flick?

Stephen Colbert enlisted his crack team of tykes who gave us both Teenage War and Strangest Things, and together they workshopped Santa Fight: Saving the Holiday from Atnas. After all, there just isn’t enough martial artistry and evil twin action in Christmas movies, right?

If you have a spare 15 minutes, watch the pitch session and the result – Santa Fight: Saving the Holiday from Atnas – just below.

Typically, Colbert has the odd famous friend help out – like Bryan Cranston, Bryan Cranston, Laura Linney, Nick Kroll, Rachel Dratch and John Oliver, the latter two in elf mode.

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