Groundhog Day went horrorific in 2017’s Happy Death Day from the Blumhouse folk. Guess what? It turns out that it’s not over for its protagonist, Tree.

Getting past why parents would call their child ‘Tree’ (apologies to any Trees who may be reading), the college student’s birthday was relived over and over again – quite literally, as she kept dying until she worked out how to break the cycle.

Well, it seems that the curse that’s afflicted her has gone and got back on its bike, as Happy Death Day 2U will see it happening all over again and again and again – and these times it involves Tree’s friends.

Jessica Rothe returns as Tree, and Happy Death Day 2U is slated for an Australian cinema release on – aww – Valentine’s Day, 2019 (that’d be February 14 if you’re not into that kind of stuff).

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