We may have to get all petty and reassess our love of Deadpool, as the dodgy Spidey impersonator (burn!) has had a go at Australia while arguing why Canada should get a place in Eurovision.

It’s a bloody outrage, it is!

To be fair we can’t fault his argument. If Australia is allowed in a European competition, then why not Canada with its deep tradition of fine and upstanding musical talents? Although he forgot to mention Men Without Hats.

They should just welcome every nation, call it World Vision and… oh…

You can picket Australian cinemas showing Deadpool 2 from May 16. Meanwhile, here’s the offending video…

Protest this Deadpool outrage by purchasing the original Deadpool movie at JB Hi-Fi – then burning it!*


* 21st century disclaimer: You know we’re not being serious, right? Please don’t really burn DVDs or Blu-rays.