When Hayao Miyazaki, the main man behind Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, declared that he was retiring it was a sad day for those who loved his many incredible works. But fair go to the guy, he is in his mid-seventies!

The production department of the studio which gave us such movie joys as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Ponyo and… – we could go on for ages, but we won’t – was closed. It seemed that that was that.

Miyazaki’s final work was going to be the 2013 WWII drama about the designer of Japan’s warplanes, The Wind Rises. But then, last year, it was discovered that the creative genius was working on a new project, Boro the Caterpillar. It was going to be a short film, but unsatisified with this, last year Miyazaki started planning to make it a full-length feature movie. His intention? Release it just before 2020’s Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Further information has been quite thin on the ground since, however The Playlist has dropped news that the Studio Ghibli production department has officially reopened. As to whether this is to work on Boro or an entirely new project, well, we don’t know. But something’s obviously cooking, and that can only be great news for animation fans.

To celebrate, have some Totoro. After all, you can never have enough Totoro.

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