As anybody who drives knows, stupid drivers are everywhere. Just popping up to the milk bar for some bread can require the vigilance of a ninja, lest your Fiesta end up a crumpled mess. YouTube videos of such mayhem abound – and this movie compiles a heap of them.

Simply entitled The Road Movie, a bloke named Dmitrii Kalashnikov (we’re not sure whether we can really give him credit as a director) has grabbed a whole bunch of Russian motoring mishap videos from YouTube, and compiled them into over an hour of vehicular terror. What’s going on, Mr Putin? You seem to have an inordinate amount of wannabe Mad Maxes there.

From the inevitable icy slides to the inexplicable – like dimly using a cigarette lighter in a dimly lit servo – it really isn’t anything that you can’t see on YouTube already, but it does save a lot of clicking and searching.

We have no date info for Australia as yet, but if – like most of us – you’re the type to see a car crash and not be able to look away then you’ll want to witness this.

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