Incredibles 2 has burst onto cinema screens worldwide, and has nabbed the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated flick. To celebrate, here’s a bunch cool of B-roll and behind the scenes footage.

Watch the likes of Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Craig T Nelson (Mr Incredible), Samuel L Jackson (Frozone) and more doing their stuff under Brad Bird’s direction, get a quick look at the animation process AND sit in on production meetings.

As for that opening weekend, the movie has taken in an estimated US$180.2 million in the States. That’s some 68 per cent of the entire box office taking for The Incredibles, in one weekend. Incredible!

This leaves Disney with nine out of the top 10 record opening weekends, with Incredibles 2 slotting in at number eight, and Jurassic World being the only flick in there without big round mouse ears.

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